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Premier Care Direct employee commended for decisive action

Colleague, Daniel King, an ACA from the Wath base for Premier Care Direct, saved a man’s life in June 2023.

On the 6th of June, after a full shift transporting Renal patients around the South Yorkshire area, Daniel was leaving work to go home. 

During the commute, he happened to notice some members of the public on the roadside waving frantically. Daniel had already passed by, but decided to turn his vehicle around. 
He pulled up at the road side to notice that a vehicle collision had occured. 
Upon further investigation, it transpired that a 50 year old male was in distress. It then became apparent that the gentleman was actually in Cardiac arrest. 

Daniel quickly sprang into action, making sure the area was safe and clear of obstacles, so that the gentleman had space to be laid out. He was then able to commence CPR. 

In his free time Daniel volunteers for Yorkshire Ambulance Service as a Community First Responder (CFR) and was luckily carrying his Defibrillator machine in his vehicle. 
As his first Aid CPR was not having the desired effect, Daniel collected the machine from his vehicle. 
He commenced a total of 3 shocks to the patient. Thankfully, this worked and the patient gained a spontaneous response, just in time for the Emergency Ambulance crew to arrive. 

He was thanked for his assistance and, as the patient was transported to the hospital continued his journey home.

As a direct result of his actions, the patient had a much better chance of recovering from his cardiac arrest and Yorkshire Ambulance Service thought so too.

Daniel was invited to attend Yorkshire Ambulance Services Volunteers award    ceremony and was presented with the ‘Highly Commended’ certification of the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ awards and also received a Commendation letter and Certificate from the Chief Executive.

Bernita Wilson, Station Manager and Luke Matthews, assistant Station Manager,  have both expressed their sense of pride in knowing Daniel and having him as part of their team. 

Luke stated: “We are extremely proud of Daniel’s quick thinking and professionalism during this unexpected situation, and we value him as a skilled colleague and friend.”

We would also like to extend our thanks and congratulations to Daniel, and anyone else that volunteers within their community.
Please let us know if you have any good-news volunteer stories, or any other news worth sharing with your colleagues.


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