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Community Collaboration Event

On Monday 9th October, Paul (Bobby) Brummitt and Karen Hutchinson took the opportunity to spend a few hours with the Students at the Linkage College.
The College provides further education for 16 to 24 year olds with Special Educational Needs.

The students undertake all sorts of projects that can lead to them making decisions on where they might want to go in terms of job roles in the future. They are able to explore different routes and ideas that could lead to them working within mainstream workforces.

Students abilities range from general educational/learning needs to physical needs and so, some may struggle to become part of the wider workforce. However, they are keen to learn more about different careers and working practices so they can make a more informed choice.

The event took the form of a presentation by Karen to the group of 20 students and their carers/support workers about HTG-UK and what we do, with some exrcises within it and then a display of equipment, including the Ambulance, and First Aid skills from Paul.

The students enjoyed group tasks, quizzing on vehicles/ambulances and the opportunity to use PPE and bandage up their support workers/tutors! The biggest pull was the Ambulance and being able to use the wheelchairs and stretcher in the vehicle and around the car park.

Molly Iveson, a lecturer at the College had made the initial request for us to attend an event. 
She said: “This year one of the topics we cover is help in the community and this is an ideal opportunity for our learners to meet members of the emergency services, hear about the job role, how they help us in the community, the equipment you use and how to get into a career in health care.”

“We have absolutely loved having you come and the learners really enjoyed every minute and have given some amazing feedback. We definitely need to make this a yearly thing for all the new learners arriving for the next academic year!  Again thank you so much for your time it was massively appreciated by the learners and the staff.” 



The students also sent through their thoughts:

“I really enjoyed having Karen and Bobby visit Linkage this morning. I learned how to perform CPR and watched a triangular bandage being tied. Performing CPR to me is now a lot easier than I previously thought. I also watched people have a go on the evac chair and I had a go on the stretcher myself” LT

“I really liked it a lot! It was very fun and always new things. My favourite part was going out and seeing what’s inside of the ambulance and what to do in them “

“I learned how to perform CPR, looked at an ambulance, and looked at a stretcher and a wheelchair.

“Learned about different places the non-emergency services go to, about the different types of people that work there. Saw inside of an ambulance. We all got a certificate to prove that we had learned something” 

“I liked pulling my friend on the stretcher and putting the sling on the staff and I enjoyed sitting in the driver’s seat of the ambulance” – RP

“Thank you Karen and Bobby for helping me learn what to do during an accident”

“Karen and Bobby. Thank you for making our morning a really good one. I enjoyed listening to all the information and matching the people to the correct type of ambulance. I enjoyed looking at the ambulance.”

“Dear Paul/Bobby and Karen, I had a really great time with you guys. I learned so much new stuff from you”

 “So cool! There’s an ambulance!




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