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Call Taker

Job Details:

Our Control Centres are at the heart of our operations, with highly-trained staff using the latest technology to plan and coordinate hundreds of patient transport journeys every single day.

As Call Taker you will often be the first contact a patient or healthcare professional has with TASL – the vital first step in us delivering an exceptional service.

You will be working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment ensuring each patient is given the care and attention they need and deserve. Your communication skills and attention to detail will ensure we have all the information necessary to provide a caring and timely service for our patients.

Some people may be confused or worried about their journey to hospital and our Call Takers play an important role in reassuring the patient while also obtaining accurate information on their transport requirements.

Transport is only the first stage in a patient’s care - ensuring they are taken to their treatment centre safely and on time. In your role of Call Taker you can make sure each and every patient’s healthcare journey gets off to the best possible start.

Our Call Takers do much more than answer phones – you are the beginning of a patient’s journey, a friendly and compassionate voice in a difficult time.

You can put thousands of patients on the road to recovery.

Click here to download a full job description.